Pink Banana

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Bring the tropics to your patio or annual garden! Pink Banana (Musa velutina) really, truly produces tiny edible fruits (full of seeds, however) that are in a stunning pink package. The giant leaves can grow to 2 ft. long on plants that can handle a bit of frost. Needs special care to germinate, but once you have seedlings, the plants are easy to grow. Definitely a conversation starter!

Each packet contains approximately 10 seeds.

Planting and Harvesting Tips:
Germinating Pink Banana is the most difficult part of growing these intriguing plants. Start by nicking or filing down a section of the seed coat, then soaking the seed for 24 hours. Plant into a peat pot or small container with soilless growing medium that has been thoroughly watered and completely drained. Create a mini-greenhouse by putting the pot into a plastic bag out of direct sunlight, and watch for growth — which could take up to 6 months. As the seedling grows, remove the plastic bag so the plant adjusts to lower humidity. Gradually move the seedling into more direct light, and only plant outside when all danger of frost has passed.