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Seed Saving Kit

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Seed Saving Kit

Saving seeds at the end of each growing season can be a great cost saving measure and the perfect way to duplicate last year’s scrumptious harvest. It’s a time honored tradition that’s both rewarding and economical. It’s also becoming more and more important as the genetic diversity of our crops continues to decline.

Each Seed Saving Kit includes a recycled steel case, seed tins with date and variety labels, glassine envelopes with labels to personalize and trade, a harvest and processing chart, plant labels, pencil and complete instructions.

• A great gift for gardener’s of all ages!
• Preserves seed for next season and the next generation
• Fun, economical and easy to use!
• Includes ALL you need to get started and more!
• Made in the USA

Size: 7-1/2″ long x 5-1/4″ wide

Grower’s Tip:
When it’s finally time to decide which plants to save seeds from, look for the healthiest, most vigorous plants — the ones that produce vegetables or fruits you love to eat, or flowers you can’t stop admiring.