Cylindra (Baker Creek)

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A favorite of chefs around the world! Cylindra Beet (Beta vulgaris) yields long, cylindrical, dark red roots that grow 6- to 8-inches long. Produces more uniform slices than round varieties and is a real space saver in the garden. Tender, tasty and sweet, this attractive “super-food” is chock-full of nutrition. (55 days) Learn How to Grow Beets here.

Each packet contains approximately 250 seeds.

Planting and Harvesting Tips:
This hardy vegetable prefers cooler climates and grows best in well drained, loose soil. Select a site with plenty of sun and dig down at least 10 inches to promote good root development. Sow successive crops all season long, starting 2-4 weeks before last frost in spring and continuing until a month before first frost in fall. Thin as plants develop and apply 4-8 inches of mulch to maintain moisture and limit weeds.

Begin harvest when roots reach 1 inch across (typically 55 to 70 days). Do not allow to grow larger than 3 inches or they will be tough and woody. Harvest greens before they reach 6 inches for best flavor — perfect for salads!