CO2 Systems

Plants use the carbon dioxide (CO2) that occurs naturally in our atmosphere, along with sunlight, to make the energy it takes for growth. Plants will exhaust the level of atmospheric CO2 — 300 parts per million (ppm) — as they grow in enclosed spaces (when CO2 levels fall to 200 ppm, plant growth ceases). Increasing the level of carbon dioxide in your grow room or hydroponics setup can increase growth and flowering — up to 30% and more — if all other factors — water, light, nutrients — are optimum. Read More

Over years of testing, it’s been found that the best levels of CO2 for plant growth are around 1500 ppm. Make sure your plants never exhaust their supply of carbon dioxide and grow fast and strong under optimum levels with these easy to use CO2 systems. All the necessary implements — regulators, monitors, controllers, generators and tubing — are here, too.