Lawn Rehab (Practice)

Most things necessary for repairing a lawn are also part of seasonal lawn care, except that if you’re fixing a bad lawn you’ll probably need to do more of them more often for a while. A healthy lawn may need aerating only once every two to three years; a badly compacted one probably needs it twice for two years in a row, and at least once the following year. Most of the heavy repair work gets done in spring or fall, while during the summer it’s important to keep up a good regime of regular maintenance. Remember that the primary focus of growing an organic lawn is to establish and encourage healthy grass, not to fight weeds or pests. The tasks are listed here in the order in which they’d be done, in an ideal world. Since it’s not an ideal world, you’ll probably need to be selective. Say it’s fall and you’ve got an okay lawn without serious bare spots, weed patches, or thatch. Skip de-thatching and weeding, and instead aerate thoroughly (which will help control thatch anyway), and topdress with a mixture of compost and corn gluten meal. The compost, a soil amendment, will help improve soil structure, as … Continue reading Lawn Rehab (Practice)