Alternatives to Grass

For many of us in North America, grass is our default planting. If we can’t figure out what to do with an outdoor space, we plant grass, for grass, we assume, can grow anywhere. But turfgrass is simply not the best planting for many sites. It needs mowing, it needs water, it wants fertilizer, many types don’t like shade — it’s pretty picky stuff. It takes a lot of work, water, and fertilizer to keep a lawn looking good. Fortunately, there are any number of lawn alternatives that require less work and less water, and many demand far less in fertilizer. Some such as stonecrops are perfectly happy on dry stony slopes that would defeat any grass; some, like the mosses, actually prefer the damp shade under trees where grass grows only reluctantly. You want to make your lawns and landscapes — the places where your children play — as safe as possible. Our selection of safe, effective lawn care products — from fertilizers to weed killers — will guarantee you’ve created the healthiest and best-kept outdoor environment possible. Mosses, thymes, yarrow, chamomile and others perform most of the functions that turf-grass does: you can mow them, walk on them, barbeque on … Continue reading Alternatives to Grass