Herbs in Pots

Type of Container Let your imagination run wild when considering what type of container to grow herbs in. Just about anything will work, but keep in mind, most varieties prefer fast draining soil. As long as the container you select has adequate holes and drains well, you should be in good shape. Some of the most popular container choices are made out of terra-cotta, wood and cement (see Plant Up A Container). Although herb gardeners often prefer terra-cotta because of it’s natural wicking capability. If you’re looking for style as well as practicality, try using a Mexican strawberry pot. You can grow a bunch of different herbs in it and when you need some flavor for your food … it’s all right there! The patented Smart Pot is a new and practically foolproof way to grow potted plants. These reusable, soft-sided fabric containers prevent roots from circling and release heat so they’re much cooler — plants develop a better root structure so plants stay healthier. Another thing to remember when selecting a container is that size does matter. The pot must fit the plant – or plants – that will be growing in it. If the container is too small your herbs may quickly … Continue reading Herbs in Pots