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  • Using eggshell and banana skin to make phosphorus potassium compound fertilizer

    Created by tianciindustrymachine on

    Phosphorus and potassium are necessary nutrients for the growth of many plants. The eggshell contains a lot of phosphorus, while the banana skin contains a lot of potassium, which is just used as a compound fertilizer of phosphorus and potassium.
    Fertilizer production processFertilizer production process: wash the eggshell thoroughly with water and dry it, and the banana skin will also dry. The more dry they are, the better. You can use them as fertilizer by breaking them in a blender. If there is no blender, you can wrap it with cloth and break it.

    Note: do not put the eggshell directly in the flowerpot, which will attract a large number of insects, even rats. When fertilizing, mix the powder with the soil, or add it to the compost to increase the content of calcium, phosphorus and potassium in the compost.
    Comments: eggshell and banana skin contain calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, silicon and other elements at the same time. When applied to the soil, they can also improve the physical properties of the soil. It makes the soil more loose, ventilating and draining, which is conducive to the growth of roots, strong roots and lush flowers. At the same time, the soil is soft and well ventilated, which is conducive to the growth and activity of microorganisms in the soil.

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