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  • LED Grow Light Advice?

    Created by viprit on

    We would like to start supplementing our plants with LED lighting as our options for natural light are very limited. We are not growing cannabis, just normal houseplants (mostly tropical.)
    The area we would like to cover is about 7ft by 4ft though we do not currently need quite that much area (we are planning for expansion.) I’m not sure if most houseplants really need full spectrum lighting to look & feel their best. So advice on whether we should go with veg or flower lighting would be very helpful.
    Our current plants include a Money Tree, Purple Passion Plant, Lots of Lucky Bamboo, Dracena Marginata, Dracena Lemon Lime and Gold Dust Croton. We really love tropical varieties. Orchids are also likely newcomers though they may be our only flowering variety.

    Thank you for the help. There are so many options…

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