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  • Herb Garden

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    I am trying to start an indoor herb garden and I want to grow basil, thai basil, spearmint, sweet mint, and rosemary I think. I get a small amount of sunlight 1-2 hours per day and I am in Memphis, TN. I’ve been trying to learn about what kind of lighting to use and I just wanted to ask an expert. My budget is small all the way to a couple hundred dollars to set everything up if it is feasible to do vegetables. My number is 615-517-1837 if you have someone willing to discuss.

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    Hello guys,

    I am new to growing my own herbs but I don’t have a large garden.

    I live in a small apartment and I wanted to know if I can grow some herbs in a pot? E.g. something like this? https://bzbcabinsandoutdoors.net/planter-boxes/orchid3/

    You can see this is wooden (Eco-friendly variety)… do you think plastic would be a better option for indoor gardening?

    Please do let me know


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