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  • Grasshopper infestation on lily plant

    Created by Karen on

    I have a plant (a type of large lily) that is infested with grasshoppers. I’d say the plant has well over a hundred grasshoppers. This is my third year of applying semaspore. I’m not sure it has made any headway into the problem. Should I also use ecobran? I’d really like to just kill all of the ones I can catch now but not sure if that will make it harder to reduce the problem.
    (I live in So FL.)

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    E. Vinje

    Karen –

    I’ve included a link to a couple of our grasshopper control pages below. Please take a look!

    We produce Semaspore, an organic bait that provides long-lasting control of grasshoppers. While not fast acting, the product persists throughout the hatching and growing season and at least through the following year. It is non-toxic to everything but grasshoppers!

    Hope this helps!

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