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A tomato that looks like a pepper! Great for stuffing.
Burpee Exclusive.
Wonderful yellow tomatoes that will inspire plentiful oohs and aahs. At first glance, you'd swear it is a yellow bell pepper, with a perfect pepper shape and feel. But it's very much a tomato, making a tasty conversation piece when stuffed with your favorite salad. Suitable for either appetizers or entrees, 'Yellow Magic's' walls are uniquely firm, thin and tasty, so preparing them is a pleasure.
The mature fruit grows to 4" wide. A delicious and welcome addition for both gardeners and magicians.
75 days.
Sorry, plants CANNOT be sent to AK, AZ, CA, HI, or NV.
Plants ship in spring at proper planting time. ( click here for shipping schedule )

I grow these from seeds and stuff em w tuna salad and there is no debate with neighbors or workers, these are by far coolest tomatos you can grow.