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They are much harder to spot than I thought they would be, I though with ordering 10 egg cases and placing 1 egg case at my moms, and 9 at my place, I would see them all the time. I have only seen but a few, 1 that I can recall at moms, and 1 at home. Just the same they sure seem to be getting rid of lots of hoppers! The one at moms caught a hopper while I was watching it, seemed to take the the head off in one bite!

I plan to get some fence up soon to lease some of my small acreage as horse pasture, later on I want to get a couple head of mini cattle to raise. I guess the miniature cattle are usually just as expensive as full size, but would be much better for my small acreage. Some of the breeds of the mini cattle only weigh 200-300 lbs.

The good planting conditions I am experiencing this fall have encouraged me to buy a bunch more trees to try to get to survive, and give me some shade! I bought some Honey Locusts, Maple, Lindens, and Choke Cherry's. The locusts and maples will make good shade trees and wind break trees. The choke cherry's will survive if nothing else will, and as well as a bit of shade and wind break, they will feed the birds, decreasing the amount of bird feed I have to put out! If I have any choke cherry's left on by the birds long enough to get ripe I can harvest them, make, and have syrup and jelly!