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I have an inside greenhouse behind my house. I have had on and off challenges with SPIDER MITES.
I have been very successful with LADY BUGS. Occassionaly some will be on my clothes and I track them in the house. They don’t seem to ever have caused a problem. They are just looking for food and they do not bite humans or pets.
They have in fact been attracted to some indoor house plants and found something on them that they wanted.
After they have rid the house plants of pests, they usually dissappear, most likely just fly out the door when it is opened.
PREDATOR MITES are anothe story. They also can be brought inside from your clothes, and they usually die off or leave in search of food.
They however can occassionally bite and may produce a very small red spot at the site of the bite. It does not last and goes away very fast.
The PREDATOR MITES are very successfull against any form of Spider Mites.
Do not use both the Lady Bugs and THE predator mites at the same time. The LADY BUGS do not discriminate against the Good Predator Mites. They will eat them also.
Many garden shops or HYDROPONICS Supply stores carry both the Lady Bugs and PREDATOR MITES.
The LADY BUGS are somewhat seasonal in availability.
If you can purchase one of the Lady Bug Houses featured on this site and some “Attractant” for them, you should be able to have your own Lady bugs for a long time.
I had one container I let loose in my indoor greenhouse. They went crazy for a few weeks, and after about a month I noticed there were many dead ones on the floor next to the baseboard.
In the next days and couple weeks I noticed more Lady bugs around. Guess they were fornicating and made some babies.
I will have to look up the reproductive properties of Lady Bugs.
Lots of nice ideas here, thanks, Joe