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I love planting flowers, but the hoppers eat them, and so do the deer. Hopefully the apple trees I already planted last fall and this spring will do well enough that the hoppers won't bother them and that my fences will keep out the deer.
I have found that putting even a singular fence post in next to a tree, and then putting a loop of wire mesh fence around the tree does the best job, I heard about this from a friend, saves a lot of work and expensive materials. If you fence off an area the deer can just jump over, and you would be suprized to find out how little room a deer needs to jump in and out, so don't make the loop too big!
The apple trees I have now are two Haralson Apple Trees that I planted earlyer this week, one Wealthy Apple Tree and one Dolgo Crabapple Tree that I planted last fall.
The Dolgo Crab has large fruit for a Crab, and crabs are exelent for making syrup and jellies. The Wealthy Apple variety is about 140 to 150 years old, I bought the one I have due to the fact that I had one in the yard when I was growing up. The Haralson Apples are vigorous growers, and may produce fruit the first year, and I certainly hope mine do!