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Alrighty! When you're talking about tomatoes you need to know what you're looking for. There are two basic kinds: Indeterminants and determinants.

Indeterminants are often taller and continue to grow, fruit and flower until frost. Early Girl and Burpee's Burger are two popular examples. Determinant tomatoes are often shorter and bushier and are great for growing in containers. Northern Exposure and Sweet Tangerine are two popular determinants.

In my garden, Oregon Spring and Forth of July are usually the first two varieties to reach maturity. They also get major bonus points because they taste great! Early Girl and Sungold (a yellow colored cherry tomato) also receive rave reviews. By the way, you can't beat the flavor of a Sungold tomato.

I'm pretty sure all of these tomatoes will grow well in the Pacific Northwest. Just remember, tomatoes crave rich, well drained soil, consistent heat (a south facing wall works great), and plenty of sunlight. Give them the love and care they need and your tomatoes will be the talk of the neighborhood.