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I've been as buisy as a beaver, only in reverse!! I planted 25 Eastern Red Cedars, 11 fruiting trees and bushes (apple trees, sand cherrys, and a cherry tree), along with sweveral decorative trees and bushes, and have my garden over crowded with: garlic, chives, jerusalem artichokes, 3 varietys of onion (bunching, walla walla, and red onions), radishes (icecicle and regular ones), carrots (purple dragon and danvers half long), peas, beets, cabbage, indian corn, and hubard squash. I've got a good variety of tomato plants, which I should be able to put out this weekend, with any luck! I haven't gotten much done on my stone snow fences lately, but have been leaving a mower width strip where I want to put the rows of stone, this will not only mark where I want to put snow fence, but also make a temporary snow fence for next winter. I noticed last winter that where ever I had left a strip of vegitation along the soaker hoses to my plantings, a good sized snow drift was formed!