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Eric Vinje

Hi Richard –

The best time to apply fertilizer to your potted mango tree will be in the spring, when the day lengths start getting longer. A balanced fertilizer is recommended, and closer to summer, when the blooms start, it is recommended to decrease the amount of nitrogen and increase phosphorus and potassium.

For most plant fertilizers, it is best to add every two months throughout the growing season (mid-April to late-August). We recommend Dr. Earth Tropical Plant Fertilizer, which can also be mixed with water for foliar feeding or deep root feeding. See product label for specific instructions.

Keeping the tree in an area with at least 6 hours of sun (6-10 is recommended) may help with vegetative growth, as will the balanced, organic fertilizer.

Also, keep the soil evenly moist. A bark mulch layer, about 2 inches, on top of the soil may help the soil stay more saturated.

Hope it helps!