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E. Vinje

Hi Kasey –

EcoBran Bait kills grasshoppers fast and is for growers that require immediate control. Environmentally sensitive, EcoBran only affects insects with chewing mouthparts (grasshoppers, crickets, cutworms) that are attracted to the bran bait. Because the chemical is consumed by the pest, it is effective at the low concentration.

EcoBran is formulated by treating wheat bran with 2% Sevin (Carbaryl), and it averages 75% kill with 24-48 hours — 90% under good conditions. It’s advantage over sprays is that grasshoppers seek the bait and consume the chemical directly, resulting in death at low chemical content.


Note: Honey bees are not attracted to Ecobran bait and should not be affected.

Hope it helps!