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E. Vinje

Hi Jim –

Thank you for your thorough questions.

Amending and breaking up clay soils can be a frustrating lawn care issue and can be a multi-year process to correct. We recommend aerating in both the spring the fall then applying a layer of both compost and gypsum, a mineral that loosens and conditions clay soils. Seasonal raking to remove dead grass also promotes new, fresh growth of grasses.

Organic lawn fertilizers applied periodically throughout the growing season provides critical nutrients for grasses to uptake, resulting in green, lush lawns all season long. Leaving lawn clippings to resupply soils with a source of nitrogen is also recommended. For more in-depth information on fertilizing and amending lawns, check out Planet Natural’s Organic Lawn Care guide.

Area seed producers can suggest grass cultivars and mixes based on local climate and individual yard conditions, such as degree of traffic, water availability, and shade. As always, we recommend planting local, native varieties that are drought-tolerant to conserve water during hot summer months. More in-depth information on grass seed varieties can be found in our Green Landscaping guide. Lastly, promoting and maintaining a healthy lawn prevents weed colonization.

Hope it helps!