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E. Vinje

Hi Francis –

Roses aren’t too choosy about the type of fertilizer they receive, as long as they are being fed. Roses grown in containers should be fed with a water-soluble liquid fertilizer on a regular basis.

When choosing the best fertilizer for your roses, look for a balanced, high-quality fertilizer (4-4-4) that includes macro and micronutrients. Roses require the following micro-nutrients for healthy growth:

• Calcium (Ca): Builds cell wall strength, which helps your plants fight off predators

• Magnesium (Mg): Promotes dark green leaves, flower color, flower production, and can help flush harmful salts through the soil; we recommend Epsom Salts

• Sulfur (S)

• Copper (Cu)

• Iron (Fe)

• Manganese (Mn)

• Zinc (Zn)

For your best blooms, we recommend using Alaska Fish Fertilizer, Neptune’s Harvest Fish & Seaweed or Neptune’s Harvest Fish Fertilizer.

Happy gardening!