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Eric Vinje

Hello Andrew –

Potatoes, carrots and beets are a few of the vegetable crops damaged by wireworms. Here’s how to get rid of them using proven, organic techniques.

Thorough cultivation of the top 6- to 8-inches of soil makes conditions unfavorable to the egg laying adults and exposes all stages of the pest to weather and natural enemies.

Crop rotation is especially important to the organic vegetable grower because it can help reduce many pest problems that lead to the use of pesticides.

If possible, wait until the soil has warmed before planting tubers. Larvae prefer cool soils and dig deeper into the ground when temperatures rise.

Apply beneficial nematodes when planting to attack and destroy developing pests in the soil.

Birds can consume large amounts of larvae. Encourage them by hanging houses and feeders near your garden.

Soil drenches containing the botanical insecticide pyrethrin are somewhat effective, but should only be used as a last resort.

Hope it helps!