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E. Vinje


Avocado trees can be easy to grow if you have it in the right conditions so, I wouldn’t worry too much about your tree if you don’t see any bad signs. I’ve got a couple simple pointers to offer you that will help prevent problems in the first place.

They need a lot of sunlight so, if you have a window that faces South that you can put it in, that would be best! If that’s not an option, you may need to look in to getting a grow light to make your tree happy and healthy.

Be sure it is in a pot that is twice the length of the roots so it can spread easily with well draining, lightly sandy soil.

​Fertilizing with a good fish emulsion fertilizer while it’s young will help it grow strong and make it easier for the plant to grow later on as it ages​​.

Other than that, you can always contact us if you see any yellowing/brown leaves, pests, or diseases on it and we’d be happy to help!

​Here are a couple websites you can check out with some basic care for avocado trees.


Happy gardening!​