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E. Vinje

Hi Erryl –

Here’s our recommendations for getting rid of weeds in a raspberry patch.

• Pull weeds by hand or use a hand weeder to uproot unwanted plants. Digging weeds is good exercise and it puts us in close proximity to our growing things.

• Lay down a heavy layer — 6 to 8 inches — of organic mulch. The mulch will choke out weeds and help retain moisture, which raspberries thrive on.

• Spray an organic herbicide like AllDown on the growing weeds. Take care to spot treat only the weeds and unwanted vegetation trying to keep the product off of your crop. Keep in mind, that AllDown is a non-selective weed killer and will kill desirable plants too, but it should have little effect on the woody canes of your raspberries.

Weeding is a continuous activity in the organic garden and one’s attitude towards it has a lot to do with seeing it as a chore and impossible task or an ongoing activity that provides exercise, fresh air and a chance to get close to one’s garden.

Hope it helps!