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Hello Eileen!

The cause of this problem is probably due to high nitrogen in your pets urine (don’t worry, it’s natural) so I believe your best course of action would be to water the spots where your pet urinates so as to dilute the nitrogen. It will take time for the grass to recover and grow back, but it’s the best way without using any chemicals or amendments. Never fertilize these parts of the lawn as it will ‘burn’ the grass further and discourage your pet from using the bathroom in the same spots. It would also be helpful to encourage them to drink a bit more water and possibly upgrade their diet if their food is lacking.

If you are interested in a quicker fix, start by disturbing the patches a bit by raking and then spreading Espoma Garden Lime over the affected area. Once that has had time to settle for a couple days, place more soil over the top and reseed the grass. While you’re waiting between the Garden Lime and the reseeding, keep your animals off the patches to avoid any contact with it.

Hope this helps!