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E. Vinje

Hi Barbara –

Looks like you’ve got all the good stuff! A soil test will be key to knowing what to apply. For a great general all purpose top dressing I would recommend adding just a tad more phosphate. A product like calphos would fit the bill perfectly, as the ratio of 0 – 3 – 0 will help to balance out the nutrient ratio of your final product. The calcium is great for tomatoes too! Without looking at a soil test, I’d recommend the following top dress recipe. Feel free to increase or decrease depending on the amount needed.

1 cup – CalPhos
1 cup – Sup’r Green Chicken Manure
1 cup – Norwegian Kelp
1 cup – Worm Castings
1 cup – Charlie’s Compost
1 cup – Ancient Forest
2 cup – Azomite

Mix together vigorously until products are combined evenly. Add the completed mixture to soil, use in the bottom of newly-dug transplant holes, or spread as an all purpose topdressing.

Let us know how else we may be of help!

Happy Spring