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Eric Vinje

Hi Paul –

From my research, the most effective means of controlling this bug sans spraying would be exclusion. Concentrate on the sunniest side of the house, as they tend to favor the warmth. Caulking doorways and windows, installing screens over chimneys and vents, and replacing anything that will no longer viably seal are all ways to help prevent these pests from entering the home. Sealing off attics and crawlspaces, insulating exposed plumbing pipes, and raking any debris away from the foundation of a home will remove their habitat for reproduction and winter hibernation.

Unfortunately, there is no pesticide registered to control these bugs, liquid or otherwise. Mechanical removal may be necessary, use tissue paper or rubber gloves to remove individual insects and place in a container for release outside or disposal. A vacuum cleaner will work well for this task. Be sure to dispose of bugs as soon as possible as they may stink up your vacuum.

Happy Spring!