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Eric Vinje

Hello Beck –

Beneficial nematodes actively hunt, penetrate and destroy over 230 different pests including fleas, fungus gnats, black vine weevils and white grubs. Naturally occurring, they are not harmful to people, pets, plants or earthworms and will continue working for 18 months. I’ve included a partial list of insects controlled below. If you need advice on a particular insect pest please let me know.


Banana Root Borers
Black Currant Borers
Black Vine Weevils
Cabbage Root Maggots
Carpenter Worms
Codling Moth Larvae
Corn Earworms
Corn Rootworms
Crane Fly Larvae
Cucumber Beetles
Dogwood Borers
Fire Ants
Flea Beetles
Flea Larvae
Fungus Gnats
Gypsy Moth Larvae
Iris Borers
Japanese Beetle Grubs
Mole Crickets
Onion Maggots
Pine Weevils
Poplar Clearwing Borers
Peach Tree Borers
Raspberry Crown Borers
Root Knot Nematodes
Shore Flies
Sod Webworms
Strawberry Weevils
Sweet Potato Weevils
Tobacco Budworms
White Grubs

Hope it helps!