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E. Vinje

Hi Heather,

What a great idea! I like the idea of having lights built into your shelves. It sounds like the simplest option for that set up would be to just fill those light sockets with our AgroSun 26W CFL grow bulbs. They fit into a normal light socket and provide full daylight spectrum lighting while using very little energy. Additionally, these lights can be placed much closer to your plants than most grow lights. The only other thing you would need for this system would be a timer to ensure your herbs are getting at least 12 hours of light each day. A second option would be to install a T5 lighting system above your sink, also with a timer. These systems are ready to go with full spectrum bulbs and just plug into a normal outlet. We offer a wide variety of sizes but the size of the system you need will depend on the dimensions of the space you are working with and the amount of plants you want to grow. Links to these products are below.


Hope this helps!