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Option 1: Set up a CAN filter inside the grow room and mount an inline fan on top. Keep in mind this will take up some space and will not vent air or heat out of the room. However, any supplemental CO2 supplied within the room will not be lost and the filter will eliminate the majority of any odor.

Option 2: Vent air from just outside of the grow tent into the tent. Set up a CAN filter inside with an inline fan mounted on top. Duct air out of the fan through an AC reflector and out of the tent. In this situation, air is just being circulated from the room right back into the tent repeatedly.

Option 3: Vent air into the grow room from a separate room. Have a CAN filter set up inside the grow room with an inline fan on top and vented through an AC reflector. Duct air from the other end of the reflector out into the grow room and then out into a separate room. You can vent air outside or into a basement to heat your home. *

Option 4: Assemble a CAN filter with an inline fan outside of the grow room. Use ducting to vent the cool filtered air into the grow room and up through an AC reflector. On the other end, duct air out of the room and outside or into another room. This system will move heat out and leave more space inside the room. *

* If you are still concerned about the smell of the air vented out, set up a separate inline fan attached to a carbon filter or another CAN filter outside of the grow room before ducting outside or into a separate room.