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Eric Vinje

Hi Kent –

I contacted our nematode manufacturer concerning your nematode vs. apple maggot fly question and here is what they had to say:

Yes, you should apply Scanmask® in the fall since apple maggot will overwinter as pupae in the soil. The cooler weather will not hurt them. The nematodes will then go further into the soil after application to survive the winter. The nematodes will become more active again in the spring and will kill the apple maggots before they emerge. Also, the rain will not hurt the nematodes. In fact, they like moist conditions. As long as it isn’t flooding they will be fine.

Note: A large number of maggots leave the fruit several days after it has fallen from the tree. As a result, a certain level of control can be achieved by cleaning up any fallen fruit from the base of the trees.