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Eric Vinje

Hi Gwendolyn –

Yes, All Season Horticultural Oil works on many plant pests — including whitefly — by smothering the insects, but keep in mind that how and when you apply the product makes a big difference on how well it works and the health of your plants.

• Use 1.5 – 4 Tbsp per gallon of water and apply once or twice weekly, depending on growth and insect pressure.
• All Seasons Spray Oil is most effective on whitefly during the immature stages.
• Do NOT apply when temperatures are above 90˚F or when plants need watering as it may shock plants and cause leaf drop.
• Leaf burn may be affected by the quantity of oil used and temps at the time of application.
• Do NOT exceed the maximum rates or apply more often than indicated on the label.
• Use caution on open blooms — bleaching and spotting may occur.
• Certain plant species may be more sensitive to oil.
• Give special attention to underside of stems, leaves and limbs.

Please refer to the product label for specific mixing instructions.

Hope this helps!