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Eric Vinje

Hi Gail –

Found throughout much of the United States squash bugs can be a destructive garden pest and are often found en-mass on leaves, vines and fruits of pumpkins, cucumbers and winter squash. To manage squash bugs organically we recommend the following solutions:

• Inspect plants frequently, and If numbers are low, hand-pick all stages from the undersides of leaves.
• Place boards near garden plants. Used as a nighttime shelter, they make excellent traps for morning collecting.
• Row covers can be left on plants until they are old enough to tolerate some damage.
Diatomaceous earth can be dusted over plants to reduce pest numbers.
• If pest numbers get too high, apply Tomato & Vegetable Insect Killer or Pyganic EC 1.4 to crops. Both are OMRI Listed for use in organic production and should be spot sprayed to minimize harm to beneficial insects.
• Clean up gardens shortly after harvest to minimize overwintering sites.

Hope this helps!