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Eric Vinje

You bet these two “good bugs” can be used together! Best of all, they provide a nice one-two punch when doing battle with many garden pests. Here’s how:

Not only are Ladybugs a favorite with most home gardeners, but they go to work above ground feeding on a whole slew of soft-bodied pests (providing they’re not too quick!) and insect eggs. Beneficial Nematodes on the other hand do their dirty work underground (or in dark, moist environments) where they seek out and destroy more than 230 insect pests. Often they attack the immature stages (larvae, pupae) of a pest’s life cycle. An insect that spends part of its life cycle underground and another part above ground receive a double dose of control, as ladybugs attack growth stages that exist above the soil and nematodes attack the growth stages that thrive below the soil surface. For example, ladybugs will feed on cucumber beetle eggs while nematodes wreak havoc on the pupal stage.

Hope this helps!