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E. Vinje

Hi Jon –

Incredibly destructive, Japanese beetles are found in almost every state east of the Mississippi. The young larvae often damage lawns by feeding on grass roots, while adults are a problem on trees, shrubs, fruits, gardens and most ornamentals plants. To keep them off plants and out of your garden consider the following control methods.

• Hand pick or shake adult Japanese beetles onto ground sheets in the early morning or late evening. Drop them into a pail of soapy water and discard.
• Pheromone lures and traps will catch large numbers of beetles, thus reducing their numbers. Do NOT place traps inside your garden. It is best to place them around the perimeter of your property.
• Beneficial Nematodes and Milky Spore Disease will kill the larvae/ grubs in the soil.
• Floating Row Covers create an effective barrier and prevent adults from attacking most plants, including strawberries.
• As a last resort, spot treat problem areas with a short-lived botanical insecticide. Safer® Yard & Garden Insect Killer will get the job done and breaks down quickly in the environment.


Hope this helps!