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E. Vinje

Hello Isaiah!
It is recommended to use a well drained soil mixture that does not contain any sort of fertilizer or wetting agents. If you would like to mix a soil substrate yourself I would recommend a mixture of 10-30 percent clay, 10-40 percent silt and 30-60 percent sand. This image should give you a little bit better idea of ratios. http://www.oneplan.org/Images/soilMst/SoilTriangle.gif
I would suggest a ratio similar to Sandy Clay Loam, Medium Loam or Sandy Loam to fit your needs best. Once you’ve got your soil mixture, I would suggest adding cedar chips or other hardwood shavings. These wood shavings should account for about 1/3rd of your growing medium. If you would like to purchase a soil I would recommend Roots Original Potting soil with Black Gold Sand and cedar chips added to the mix. Both can be found here!


Watering timing and amounts will depend heavily upon the environment, pot size and how big your tree is. Citrus do not like to stay wet, the best way to figure out when to water would be to check by hand. This can be done by sticking your finger in the soil up to the second knuckle. If you feel any moisture I would refrain from watering until the soil is nearly bone dry. A wilting tree often means too little water, whereas yellowing or folded leaves may indicate too much water. It should be noted that at higher latitudes citrus plants will often go dormant in the winter and may often drop leaves or stop growing entirely for a month or two. Do not fret if this happens! Patience and consistency are key to a happy citrus plant.

Hope this helps!