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You don’t need to resort to chemical warfare.

Eradicating weeds with natural solutions is healthier for the planet and your family. Read about the great strategies and tools we’ve found to help knock back these unwanted interlopers.

Dangerous Roadside Spraying


When killing weeds meant killing game birds.

Weeds vs Herbicides: Weeds Win!

Pest Control

Today, it’s estimated that half of American farms are home to Roundup resistant weeds.

Study: Herbicide Use Up, GMOs To Blame

Food Safety

A new study blames GMO crops for the dramatic increase in herbicides used in the U.S.

Dangerous Backyards

Healthy Lawns

Lawn chemicals could risk your family's health.

Weed This...

Garden Calendar

Good garden practice involves getting rid of weeds before they make themselves seen.