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A living plant makes any house a cozy home.

Growing houseplants gives pro gardeners some off-season pleasure and makes beginning plant care manageable. Our expert articles will teach you how to provide ideal lighting, when to water, how to overwinter prized plants, and the best ways manage pest control and more. Fill up your windowsills!

How to Grow and Care for Lipstick Plant (Complete Guide)

Flower Gardens

The lipstick plant, scientifically known as Aeschynanthus radicans, is a popular houseplant renowned for its striking tubular flowers that resemble ...

Purr-fectly Safe: Cat Safe Indoor Plants Your Cat Will Love


Create a jungle for your indoor kitty without sacrificing your beloved houseplants! Cats and plants don't always mix well, but ...

Coleus Guide: How to Grow and Care for Coleus Plants


Coleus plants, known for their vibrant, colorful foliage, are an attractive and popular choice among gardeners. They are a member ...

Top 12 Non-Toxic and Low Maintenance Pet-Friendly Houseplants for Your Home


Thinking about adding some greenery to your home but worried about your furry friends? Fret not! We've compiled a list ...

Peperomia Plants: Complete Plant Care and Growing Guide


Peperomia, a member of the family Piperaceae, is a beloved favorite among houseplants. Known for their beautiful foliage and their ...

Tropical Indoor Plants: 12 Great Plants with Coastal Vibes


Transform your home into a tropical haven with these 12 beach plants you can grow indoors. Embrace the sunny vibes ...

Garden Giants: A Showcase of Big Leaf Succulents

Indoor Gardens

Step into a world where size truly matters – the realm of big-leaf succulents. These botanical giants not only effortlessly ...

33 Best Popular Types of Cactus You Can Grow at Home


If you've ever dreamt of turning your home into a miniature desert oasis, growing cacti might just be the perfect adventure for ...

Grass-Like Wonders: Top 16 Choices for Container Planting


Add a touch of elegance to your living space with these 16 grass-like plants, perfect for container gardening. Whether you're ...

Types of Snake Plants - 12 Stunning Snake Plant Varieties - Photos


Snake plants, also known as sansevieria, are beloved for their air-purifying qualities and striking foliage. We'll introduce you to 12 ...

Orchid: How to Grow and Care for Orchids (Complete Guide)

Flower Guides

Orchids, members of the family Orchidaceae, are an incredibly diverse group of plants with captivating characteristics. Boasting over 20,000 unique species, ...

Winter Wonderland at Home: 17 Blooming Houseplants for All-Year Color

Flower Gardens

Transform your home into a winter wonderland with vibrant blooms that defy the chill. This guide unveils the top 17 ...