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Food Safety

Chemical inputs in our food supply have distorted the idea of “normal.”

Learn more about food safety and how GMOs, agribusiness and chemical companies have upset the balance of nature that allow us to have healthy, nutrient-dense foods.

Our Food, Our Health, Our Gardens


Here's some recent food issues and related topics that have caught our eye here at Planet Natural.

Organics Gain In Farm Bill


Local and organically grown foods, in demand now more than ever, get a nod from legislators.

What's In Your Food? GMOs, Chemicals, And Our Right To Know

Food Safety

New FDA labeling rules include added sugars. And why the bread on that sandwich might taste like a yoga mat.

Onion Tool, GMO Labels, & Bats!

Common Pests

Using a dibble, deception from a GMO front group, and $50 billion worth of pest control done by flying mammals.

Kids and Cabbage, Exploding Cows & Global Warming


News items on student gardening programs, food marketing, and the complications of climate change.

GMO Wheat and Drought


Advocates for genetically modified wheat make questionable claims.

New Threat From Genetic Modification

Food Safety

RNAi genetic modification may be more dangerous than existing GMO crops.

Hybrid Sweet Corn - Sweeter Than Ever

Food Safety

But there's no sugar-coating restrictions on its use.

Cheerios and GMOs

Food Safety

General Mills will market GMO-free Cheerios. Big deal?

New Year News


GMOs questioned, labeling laws, xeric grass and the popularity of gardening.

Should We Label GMO Foods "Natural"?

Food Safety

The National Grocery Manufacturers Association wants us to believe that black is white.

GMOs, Hyperobjects & Great Grandma's Diet


How to think about food, both wholesome and genetically modified.