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Are genetically modified organisms (GMOs) a threat to organic agriculture? Are they dangerous when consumed? Do they lead to higher use of chemical herbicides and pesticides? And why aren’t GMOs labeled so we know which foods are made with them? We find and discuss the latest news on this critical issue.

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Smears Against GMO Labeling Bill


Lies and distortions in the fight against labels for genetically modified foods.

Monsanto Protection Act Stopped; Big Money Fights WA GMO Labeling


Producer of genetically modified seed may be held responsible ... for now.

Scientific American On GMOs: Not So Scientific

Food Safety

Magazine takes genetic engineering conglomerate's word as truth.

Sustainable Farming, Soil and Big Agriculture


The growth of small farms, organic crops, and locally sourced foods.

Orange Disease: GMOS To the Rescue (Not)

Food Safety

Virus, pig DNA not the solution to "orange greening."

GMOs and European Trade Talks

Food Safety

Europe has long been a beacon of sanity when it comes to GMO crops.

Composting GMOs


What happens when genetically engineered foods (GMOs) are composted?

Hybrid Broccoli Controversy

Food Safety

Want the tastiest healthy broccoli, hybrid or heirloom? Grow it yourself.

Genetically Modified Tomatoes... Really?

Food Safety

The Flavr Savr tomato, grown in Mexico and poorly packed and shipped, often arrived in American markets as soup.

U.S. Bill Seeks GMO Labeling

Food Safety

The national labeling bill comes as evidence mounts that some GMO products are indeed dangerous to human health.

Connecticut To Label GMOs...Maybe

Food Safety

Due to heavy lobbying, several conditions were attached to the nation's first GMO labeling bill.

News: Organics, Heirlooms, GMOs

Food Safety

Estimates say we’ve already lost 40% of the world’s topsoil, much of it because of non-organic farming practice.