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Are genetically modified organisms (GMOs) a threat to organic agriculture? Are they dangerous when consumed? Do they lead to higher use of chemical herbicides and pesticides? And why aren’t GMOs labeled so we know which foods are made with them? We find and discuss the latest news on this critical issue.

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Kids and Cabbage, Exploding Cows & Global Warming


News items on student gardening programs, food marketing, and the complications of climate change.

GMO Wheat and Drought


Advocates for genetically modified wheat make questionable claims.

New Threat From Genetic Modification

Food Safety

RNAi genetic modification may be more dangerous than existing GMO crops.

Cheerios and GMOs

Food Safety

General Mills will market GMO-free Cheerios. Big deal?

New Year News


GMOs questioned, labeling laws, xeric grass and the popularity of gardening.

Should We Label GMO Foods "Natural"?

Food Safety

The National Grocery Manufacturers Association wants us to believe that black is white.

GMOs, Hyperobjects & Great Grandma's Diet


How to think about food, both wholesome and genetically modified.

GMO Labeling On the Ropes?


Grocery Manufacturers Association declares victory, plans action on national level.

I-522 Defeated, GMA Celebrates


Even as big, out-of-state corporate money triumphs, the struggle to spread the truth about GMOs continues.

GMO Labeling Initiative I-522: Down to the Wire


Corporate money floods airwaves to keep genetically modified foods secret.

Voters Swayed On GMO Labeling Initiative


Corporate money, deceit threaten Washington's initiative 522.

GMO Labeling, Money and Monsanto


Big business dumps millions to fight public's right to know.