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Are genetically modified organisms (GMOs) a threat to organic agriculture? Are they dangerous when consumed? Do they lead to higher use of chemical herbicides and pesticides? And why aren’t GMOs labeled so we know which foods are made with them? We find and discuss the latest news on this critical issue.

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GMO Vote Close Despite Millions Spent Against

Food Safety

Oregon results mixed, Maui imposes GMO moratorium.

GMO Labeling On Oregon, Colorado Ballots

Food Safety

Will money defeat common sense once again?

GMO Ballot Issues Focus Attacks

Food Safety

As Colorado and Oregon vote on GMO labeling, media continues to miss big picture.

"Natural" Foods and Genetically Engineered Crops

Food Safety

Consumer Reports finds current labeling misleading; supports GMO label bills.

GMO Pesticide "Enlist Duo" Moves Forward, Hawaiian GMO Ban Stopped

Food Safety

Dupont doubles down on spray resistant super weeds.

GMO Labeling and Barcode Apps


It's time for honest nutritional information on all food products.

Farm-To-Table, GMO Ban News

Food Safety

Supporting locally grown food means supporting local farms; time line of GMO measure.

Oregon Counties Vote To Ban GMO Crops


Passage complicated by state's "Monsanto Protection Act."

GMO Labeling Victory In Vermont


State passes GMO labeling bill despite lies, corporate threats.

New Bill Would Block GMO Labeling


Kansas Representative wants to make your right-to-know illegal.

What's In Your Food? GMOs, Chemicals, And Our Right To Know

Food Safety

New FDA labeling rules include added sugars. And why the bread on that sandwich might taste like a yoga mat.

Onion Tool, GMO Labels, & Bats!

Bugs & Thugs

Using a dibble, deception from a GMO front group, and $50 billion worth of pest control done by flying mammals.