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Are genetically modified organisms (GMOs) a threat to organic agriculture? Are they dangerous when consumed? Do they lead to higher use of chemical herbicides and pesticides? And why aren’t GMOs labeled so we know which foods are made with them? We find and discuss the latest news on this critical issue.

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Now In Stores: Genetically Engineered Papaya

Food Safety

GMO papaya, both fresh and as juice, threatens Hawaiian organics.

Damning Report on Genetically Modified Foods

Food Safety

Public relations groups doing the agri-chemical industry's dirty work against GMO labeling.

Idaho State Rep Calls For U.S.-Wide GMO Labeling

Food Safety

Is it part of a backdoor effort by GMO producers to get ahead of the push to label?

GMO Warrior Vandana Shiva

Food Safety

The controversial Indian activist fights the “seed dictatorship."

USDA Approves GMO Apples

Food Safety

Will genetically modified apples ruin the fruit's healthy reputation?

Sales of Non- GMO Foods Push Market


More and more shoppers are buying foods free of GMOs. And that's good for farmers.

GMO Battle 2015

Food Safety

Genetically modified grass (some plants) escape regulation.

The Year In GMOs

Food Safety

Evidence that GMOs are harmful to our health, our environment, and our farming economy continues to grow.

GMOS and Pesticides: Votes, Heart Disease & Seed Diversity

Food Safety

Oregon GMO recount, new Roundup study, heritage seeds threatened.

GMO Vote, Leaf Mold, High-Tech Farming ... And Pie!


Short-takes on natural gardening topics we're following.

Grassroots GMO Triumph


Protecting farmland and economies from GMO contamination.

USDA Approves Genetically Modified Potato

Food Safety

New potato underscores complexity of GMO issue.