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Are genetically modified organisms (GMOs) a threat to organic agriculture? Are they dangerous when consumed? Do they lead to higher use of chemical herbicides and pesticides? And why aren’t GMOs labeled so we know which foods are made with them? We find and discuss the latest news on this critical issue.

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Hybrids, GMOs: Not the Same

Food Safety

Clearing up the confusion between hybrids and GMOs.

Bayer and Monsanto Tie the Knot

Food Safety

Global seed and chemical giants merge in effort to control markets, world opinion on pesticides and GMOs.

Reality Check: Campbell's Supports GMO Labeling

Food Safety

Has the Campbell Soup Company switched sides on genetically modified ingredients? Not completely.

Companies Spend Big to Fight GMO Labeling

Food Safety

Media claims that both sides do it ignores huge disparities.

GMO Fight Gets Personal

Food Safety

Is Monsanto buying biotech scientists to support its genetically modified industry?

Labeling News: Antibiotics and GMOs

Food Safety

Big chicken takes on "non-human" antibiotics, Congress takes on food labels.

Vote Set On Limiting Right-To-Know GMO Bill

Food Safety

DARK Act seeks to stop states and other jurisdictions from labeling genetically engineered food products.

GMO Wheat Fails Trials in Great Britain

Food Safety

Engineered to repel aphids, the genetically modified wheat was instead attacked by the pests in field tests.

USDA Develops Voluntary GMO-Free Label

Food Safety

Is the USDA's GMO-free certification program an attempt to kill comprehensive genetically modified labeling initiatives?

GMO Eggplant Forced On Developing Countries

Food Safety

Genetically engineered Bt brinjal, thought to ward off pests, is an apparent failure. But that doesn't stop its promotion.

Businesses Responding To Safe Food Demands

Food Safety

Organic sales up, antibiotics, GMOs out, and other healthy eating news.

Roundup Linked To Cancer, Monsanto Throws Hissy-Fit


World Health Organization review of pesticide used on GMOs attacked.