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Gardens build connections.

Whether you’re looking for advice on the tastiest heirloom tomato, a chemical-free way to reduce dandelions or innovations in urban gardens, we have a library of information waiting for you. Make us part of your gardening community.

Farm-To-Table, GMO Ban News

Food Safety

Supporting locally grown food means supporting local farms; time line of GMO measure.

A Garden Plot Of Their Own


Get kids interested in gardening by giving them their own space.

Lessons from the Garden

Common Pests

A crow, a row of seedlings, and repeated frustration spotlight the adaptability and ingenuity of gardeners.

Your Antibiotics Don't Work? Blame A Cow.


How drug-resistant bacteria became a life-threatening problem.

Our Food, Our Health, Our Gardens


Here's some recent food issues and related topics that have caught our eye here at Planet Natural.

Gardening Blogs: A Growing Community


Gardeners share their experience and knowledge -- with pictures! -- online.

Organics Gain In Farm Bill


Local and organically grown foods, in demand now more than ever, get a nod from legislators.

Cities Embrace Composting Programs


Food waste as well as lawn and garden wastes never see the landfill.

Onion Tool, GMO Labels, & Bats!

Common Pests

Using a dibble, deception from a GMO front group, and $50 billion worth of pest control done by flying mammals.

Kids and Cabbage, Exploding Cows & Global Warming


News items on student gardening programs, food marketing, and the complications of climate change.

Dangerous Herbicide, Dangerous Business


Researchers looking into atrazine targeted by its maker.

Water Purity and Organic Gardening


The small things we do to keep pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals out of our water supply.