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Gardens build connections.

Whether you’re looking for advice on the tastiest heirloom tomato, a chemical-free way to reduce dandelions or innovations in urban gardens, we have a library of information waiting for you. Make us part of your gardening community.

Farm-To-Table Boosts Garden Tourism


Organic produce, local-source dining and rural pleasures tempt visitors.

Gardening with Chickens

Bugs & Thugs

Natural fertilizer and pest control from the birds that give us eggs and companionship.

Sales of Non- GMO Foods Push Market


More and more shoppers are buying foods free of GMOs. And that's good for farmers.

Old Malls Grow Green


Roof-top farms and greenhouse gardens help reclaim agricultural land from urban sprawl.

Cruel Livestock Research


What constitutes humane treatment of farm animals?

Horticulture Programs: Good Grows Here


The popularity of urban farming, garden therapy, and organic produce means more jobs and education.

Butterflies, Bees, Organic Corn

Beneficial Insects

... and other good gardening news for the New Year.

The Spirit of Gardening


Gardens nourish the soul as well as the body.

Soil Health: The New, Sustainable Green Revolution


The world is learning the value of improving soils and growing without chemicals.

Food Safety ... Who's Paying Attention?


New pork program calling for quicker, less thorough inspection creates issues.

GMO Vote, Leaf Mold, High-Tech Farming ... And Pie!


Short-takes on natural gardening topics we're following.

Shopping, Eating Local


The global economy demands we support local business of all kinds.