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Soil Health

Experienced growers know that a beautiful, sustainable garden starts with living, healthy soil. Most plants thrive in well-drained, slightly acidic, soils that are rich in organic matter. The challenge, however, is that most of the world’s soils do not exist this way and they must be balanced, or amended, to provide the conditions necessary for robust plant growth. Click on the information and news below to learn about soil health and what can be done to improve it.

Worms In the Garden


Everyone knows how great worms are for the garden. But what happens to worms in the garden as soils dry?

Composting and Water Conservation


It seems that no matter the problem we face in our gardens, the answer frequently includes compost.

Food Pathogens: Let's Get Dirty!

Compost & Soil

Organic gardeners know that a little dirt never hurt anyone.

Planting Time and Soil Readiness

Compost & Soil

How to know when your garden soil is ready for planting.