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Soil Health

Experienced growers know that a beautiful, sustainable garden starts with living, healthy soil. Most plants thrive in well-drained, slightly acidic, soils that are rich in organic matter. The challenge, however, is that most of the world’s soils do not exist this way and they must be balanced, or amended, to provide the conditions necessary for robust plant growth. Click on the information and news below to learn about soil health and what can be done to improve it.

Agricultural Water Use


How can we use less water to grow the produce needed in this country?

Springtime Soil Testing

Compost & Soil

Testing garden soil for pH and nutrients helps guarantee your growing success.

Better Pest Management

Common Pests

Companion planting, interplanting, and healthy soil tricks that keep pests away from your vegetables.

Wide Row and Intensive Gardening

Compost & Soil

Getting the most from your vegetable garden while saving space, water and work.

Facing Drought


What should gardeners do in the face of water shortages?

Cover Crops? Smother Crops!

Compost & Soil

Planting green manures to manage weeds eliminates the need for risky herbicides.

Winter Gardening


Protecting garden soil and starting vegetable seed outdoors in the dead of winter.

Beauty Bark or Living Ground Cover?

Compost & Soil

We love mulch, but why not fill empty space with something green and living?

Composting Leaves


How to turn fall leaves into your best gardens ever.

Late-Season, Cold Hardy Cover Crops

Compost & Soil

Protect, nourish garden soil by growing organic, winter cover crops.

Is Monsanto's Roundup Killing Our Soil?

Compost & Soil

Our most widely used herbicide is draining the life from the earth.

Manure, Antibiotics, Compost


Keeping livestock-generated super bacteria out of your organic garden.