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Leaves, bark, clippings, and more!

Choose a mulch to conserve moisture, reduce weeds and add organic matter to soil. There are so many beautiful, useful ways to protect your garden. This collection of articles will help you find the best options to cover your soil, guaranteed.

Fall Mulching Tips

Compost & Soil

Learn how to protect your plants and nourish your soil ahead of the cold winter months.


Compost & Soil

Mulching grass clippings back into your lawn means less labor and healthier turf.

Mulch Hits the Big Screen

Compost & Soil

Documentary film on master gardener Paul Gautschi's got the spirit.

Beauty Bark or Living Ground Cover?

Compost & Soil

We love mulch, but why not fill empty space with something green and living?

Composting Leaves


How to turn fall leaves into your best gardens ever.

Late-Season, Cold Hardy Cover Crops

Compost & Soil

Protect, nourish garden soil by growing organic, winter cover crops.

Using Autumn's Bounty


Leaves, turned into protective mulch, soil-enhancing leaf mold or rich compost, are the fall season's gift to the composter.

Things We've Learned: Leaves


We think of gardening as a never-ending learning process.

Gardening with Straw

Compost & Soil

Tips for using straw as a mulch (and more!) in the vegetable garden.

The Time to Mulch is Now

Compost & Soil

Learn how to apply mulch -- and what's best to use -- on your gardens and landscaped areas.