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Permaculture and Organics

How the practices of organic gardening and permaculture integrate composting into their philosophies.

U.S. Bill Seeks GMO Labeling

The national labeling bill comes as evidence mounts that some GMO products are indeed dangerous to human health.

Lovin’ Daisies

How to grow all kinds of daisies in the garden or in pots.

Principles of Xeriscape Design

Ideas and techniques for low water landscapes and water-wise gardening.

Growing a Lush, Natural Lawn

Tips and techniques for growing and maintaining a safe, chemical-free yard.

Connecticut To Label GMOs…Maybe

Due to heavy lobbying, several conditions were attached to the nation’s first GMO labeling bill.

Summer Lawn Care Tips

No matter where we live, it’s time to review some lawn mowing tips and tricks.

Garden Tasks for June

Protecting, watering and thinning vegetables as spring becomes summer.

News: Organics, Heirlooms, GMOs

Estimates say we’ve already lost 40% of the world’s topsoil, much of it because of non-organic farming practice.

Steps in Transplanting Seedlings

How to successfully transplant seedlings into the vegetable garden.

Thinning Plants in Your Garden

Tips and techniques for thinning out vegetable seedlings.

Protests Against Monsanto, GMOs

Today, as this is written, is the big day: the world-wide protests against Monsanto and GMO food.